Safeguarding Public Health and the Environment

Crestone safeguards public health and the environment while producing energy in Colorado by going beyond what the regulations require. The company has been a pioneer in identifying, investing in and adopted new technologies for reducing the temporary impacts of energy production on nearby communities, including protections for air quality, water, wildlife and quality of life.

In 2020, Crestone became the first energy company in Colorado to adopt a continuous, real-time air quality monitoring system for the vast majority of its Colorado production locations. For more information on the pilot program and technology from Project Canary, see the news release here.

Crestone also was the first U.S. onshore oil and gas producer to adopt an innovative high-performance drilling fluid that is non-toxic, biodegradable and virtually odor-free.

Crestone was recognized recently for these efforts and named a 2020 ‘Gold Leader’ by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Environmental Leadership Program.

Community Investment Report

Crestone is committed to building stronger Colorado communities by investing in the places we live and operate. Supporting local economies and non-profit partners helps us deliver on our promise to operate in a way that is transparent and respectful of nearby communities.

Read more in our 2019 Community Investment Report.

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A Closer Look: Crestone’s New High-Performance Drilling Fluid

Crestone became the first Colorado energy producer to use an innovative synthetic drilling fluid that’s non-toxic, biodegradeable and virtually odor-free.

Helpful Resources

Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission: State agency responsible for the development of Colorado’s oil and gas natural resources in a manner consistent with the protection of public health, safety, and welfare, including the environment and wildlife resources

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment: State of Colorado resource for information on environment requirements and air quality for oil and gas operations

Colorado Oil & Gas Association: Association dedicated to fostering responsible oil and gas development in Colorado

Energy In Depth: Organization devoted to research, education and public outreach focused on facts and data regarding America’s energy development