Operating Efficiently and Safely In the Community

Crestone Peak Resources aims to operate efficiently and safely while acting as good stewards for the land, air and water. This is a priority for us because as Coloradans, we value these natural assets where we live and work. Crestone’s approach to operations is grounded in our team’s deeply rooted experience in DJ Basin energy production. Our team is passionate about taking new approaches to operations that minimize impacts on the environment and the communities near our project sites. These efforts include sound and light mitigation, the development of The Hub a centralized resource gathering location, to minimize our footprint at some locations and the use of quieter, electric rigs at specific sites.

We are committed to maintaining a transparent dialogue with community members by providing clear, consistently shared information and encouraging questions or feedback on the effectiveness of our efforts. By partnering with employees, communities, and other local organizations, Crestone contributes to the strength and sustainability of all communities where we operate.

Our operations are regulated by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC). Oil and gas is one of the most regulated industries in our state. Crestone remains committed to the existing operating agreements in place with the Town of Erie and other communities near our operations. These agreements require us to take steps to minimize our impact to residents and the environment. Visit the Town of Erie’s website to learn more about the current Operator Agreement.

Connect with the Crestone Team

Phone: 720-410-8537
Emergency: 303-659-7740
Email: communityrelations@crestonepr.com

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Crestone Connects Notification Program

Sharing timely information about our operations in your area is a key part of our commitment to operate in a transparent and respectful way with all nearby communities. We utilize an online tool called Blackboard Connect that allows us to effectively communicate in a variety of ways with residents near our operations. By registering your information, we’ll be able to share relevant information with you about our operations near you the way you choose – text, email or voice message. You can opt out at any time from the notices you register for.

If you have questions, please call Crestone Community Relations at 720-410-8537.

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Helpful Resources

Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission: State agency responsible for the development of Colorado’s oil and gas natural resources in a manner consistent with the protection of public health, safety, and welfare, including the environment and wildlife resources

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment: State of Colorado resource for information on environment requirements and air quality for oil and gas operations

Colorado Oil & Gas Association: Association dedicated to fostering responsible oil and gas development in Colorado

Energy In Depth: Organization devoted to research, education and public outreach focused on facts and data regarding America’s energy development