Boulder County
Boulder County

In February 2017, Crestone Peak Resources began the first step in our phased approach to operations in Boulder County. We filed a Rule 216 Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) Application with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) because we recognized the need for a collaborative, methodical and transparent planning process for responsible oil and gas development.

We’re currently awaiting feedback from the COGCC regarding a hearing for our CDP. Please check this page often for the latest updates on our Boulder County CDP.

We’re proud of the work completed by our team to date, and we appreciate the level of collaboration we’ve seen over the past several years. Throughout this process, we’ve engaged in one-on-one and community meetings with numerous surface owners within and near the CDP area. We’ve also met with representatives from state and local agencies, including Boulder County, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Department of Transportation, the State Land Board, the Department of Public Health and Environment, the Water Conservation Board and the Town of Erie.

As a result of the collaborating process, we reduced:

  • The number of proposed oil and gas locations from six to three sites, all along Highway 52.
  • The number of wells from 216 to approximately 140.
  • The size of the CDP area from 12 square miles to 10.

Our plan also commits us to cap more than 100 existing wells in the CDP area and reclaim the land, aiming for a zero-net gain in the number of acres of land used for energy development in the area.

Projected impact of Crestone's oil and gas operations in boulder county

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